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March 02, 2010


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Okay, I agree and dissagree. I always wanna see every movies that has major nominations, but of course I did not see the Dame Helen Mirren flick, but who did. But seriously, Mirren, Dench, Blancett, and Streep are so perfect in everything they do (except Streep in Mamma Mia...still have a hard time forgiving her for that), they could win an Oscar for all of it.
I find it difficult this year, but this is it for me:
Carey Mulligan
Sandra Bullock

I just saw The Blind Side last week and was utterly dissapointed (but I also did not think much of Precious...maybe I just don't feel anything and am dead inside), and was not impressed with Sandy's performance. I do agree 100% with you that Sandy is an amazing actress, and I would love to see her win, because, well, I just love her! But this part...hmm, not so much Oscar worthy. And Gabourey Sidibe...nah, I was not impressed!

John the Craptist

I wouldn't be upset if Mulligan won at all. She was just frankly fucking genius in that movie. Really looking forward to her making more films soon!

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